“Le monde à voir” CD release

It will have been an eventful fall for me! A few weeks finishing the production of the album in Montreal, a few shows in Edmonton and Winnipeg, a few weeks on tour with “Le Grand 8” in France and in Quebec…

And now I’m really excited to announce that my album is ready!!!

I invite you to the Edmonton pre-launch on FRIDAY DECEMBER 10th at Studio 104 (La Cité, 8627 91 Street)…

The Latest News

With the fall fast approaching, plans are coming together, and I’m excited to let you in on what can be expected in the next few months.

Le Grand 8 and the upcoming album

I have been invited to participate in “Le Grand 8” - a series of shows across Quebec and France! I will be performing alongside seven other talented musicians from France and Canada, between September and November.

The First Single is Launched!

Be sure to listen to your friendly local radio station for my new single,”Retour sur terre”! It’s the first exerpt from the album (due out this fall). And if you prefer, you can download it for FREE!

Have a listen, and let me know what you think!

Album Pre-Sale

I have great news…

I’m back from Montreal, where I’ve spent a few weeks in the studio working on pre-production and bed tracks for my first album, Prendre le pouls - Taking the pulse, with producer Benoit Morier (photos are up, for all you creepers :)). I’m very excited with everything we’ve done so far, and I’m confident that I’ll have a great CD to launch this fall.

However, I need funds to continue the project! I must raise $10,000 to finish the recording. Hence the ALBUM PRE-SALE! 

Album funding and pre-sale campaign >

Check out these great package deals:

DRAW: Contact 2009 Contest

Vote for me for a chance to win a CD collection worth $200! Follow the link below, and tell Radio-Canada which artists you would like to see play a show in your area.


Just take a few seconds to select up to three artists from the list (pick me! pick me!), fill out your info, and submit. Oh, and if you don’t speak french, “Prénom” means “First Name”, and “Courriel” means “Email”.

Contact Ouest 2009 Follow-up

I recently played a showcase, where venues and presenters from all over come to scope out different acts. My show went over very well… So well, in fact, that I won the RGE-Acadie prize. That allows me to present another showcase in Moncton next month. I am also going there to build a show and to perform with “Les Rencontres qui chantent”, so it’s going to be a busy week!

Bimonthly Gig at Café Dabar

Come check out the first of my regular gigs, every other Thursday, at Café Dabar in Edmonton. I’ll be rocking out on my piano and guitar, trying out some new tunes, and jamming it up with some surprise special guests. Bonus: great coffee and drinks and a cozy atmosphere. Bring your friends!

October 15
Café Dabar, 10816 Whyte ave, Edmonton
cover: $5

Edmonton Chante... and more!‏

Hey everyone, thanks to all of you who have come down to see my shows recently, be they in Montreal at La Place des Arts in May, or here in Edmonton over the past few months. Lots of cool things are happening now, and I figure it’s a good time to give you an update on what’s going on in my world…

Francoforce Canadian Tour

Heyhey, I’m writing you from Winnipeg to give you an update on the crazy project that I’ve been working on for the past month.

I’m among 12 Canadian artists who have been selected to participate in La Francoforce, a big project that will tour Canada in the next three months.

Opening for Michel Rivard!

Heyhey, I hope you’re all keeping warm! (because it’s coOoOoOold here in Manitoba!)

May I suggest a few cures for the winter blues… ;)

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