I’ll be playing at the Edmonton Chante festival, which is starting this Friday!! Edmonton Chante showcases francophone artists from Alberta and from all across Canada. Also featured this year are: Jorane, Damien Robitaille, Oztara, Johnny Cajun, Trisha Foster and Les Cireux d’Semelles. My show is this Saturday, June 23rd at 6PM. My band is going to be rockin’ out with me (Pierre-Paul Bugeaud on bass, Gord Graber on drums and Joël Lavoie on guitar).

Western Canadian tour

I’ll be touring with a show called Chanson pour quatre divans this fall. The other “western” singer-songwriters featured are Daniel ROA (Manitoba), Saint-Pierre (B.C.) and François Tremblay (Saskatchewan). Stay tuned for details!

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